Your puppy will be seven weeks old when you pick them up. Our veterinarian has instructed us to wean the puppies and send them into their new homes at that time.



Your puppy will have had their first set of puppy shots when they are six weeks old. They will also have their monthly de-worming tablet. We will provide you with your puppie’s shot records from Key Animal Clinic  You should plan on taking your puppy to your veterinarian two weeks after you pick them up at nine weeks of age; then follow your veterinarian’s guidelines as to their next set of shots.



We will be feeding your puppy Purina One Smart Blend for puppies. If you decide to change to a different puppy food, we suggest mixing the new food to avoid stomach upset or diarrhea.


American Kennel Club certification 

We will give you papers for your puppy in order to choose a name and get your puppy certified with the American Kennel Club.  This is not mandatory but we highly suggest doing so. The fee to certify your dog is approximately $35 payable to the American Kennel Club.