We are a small private delivery service that understands the joy and excitement of adding a new family member.  What better way to be witness to such magic than by providing a delivery service!  And because we have experienced this ourselves, we are excited to see it happen to your family!  We want to provide the peace of mind that your precious cargo will arrive safe and sound. 


​Secured Seating

For these little babies we have chosen a USDA approved  passenger seat carrier with a closed top. This will not only keep your baby safe but will allow us to have an eye and hand on the pup at all times to insurethat they are properly secured.

We do ask for a limited medical release to insure animmediate response if for any reason, your pup may need medical attention!

​Food, Water, Exercise and Pictures

We prefer to provide the highest quality puppy food.  Or you or your breeder may suggest a preferred food. We will only use filtered water.

We will make the stops, walks and fresh air necessary for the trip. We only use pet friendly cleaning supplies in case of any cleqn up accidents.

And we can send updated pictures along the way!


​ We do require a certificate of health from your vet or breeder. 

​We can deliver any records and paperwork from your breeder.

​A picture I.D. of the person that will sign to receive the delivery of your pup is required. We will only deliver your pet to the person pictured on the I. D.

​Our agreed delivery fee will be collected at this time.  

Contact Happy Tails and Trails

Call Kyle Thornquist at +1 (214) 478-0542