As you are making your puppy decisions be very aware of scammers. About 1/3 of the people who call me have already been scammed by someone else. Most of the scammers are in Oklahoma City or the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It’s real easy to make a professional looking webpage using someone else’s Westie photos and make yourself look like a reputable breeder. Some will ask for a deposit while others will string you along to full term and ask for the full puppy cost to meet you at a neutral location, and of course they never show up.

Always ask if you can come see the dogs before you make your deposit. Any breeder who does not want to do a live FaceTime with you showing you their breeding dogs or who demands money without you seeing the dogs in person at their facility is a scammer. NEVER SEND THEM MONEY!

I will not hesitate to allow you to visit our dogs in person at our home or to FaceTime with me and view our dogs on live video.