Hello and welcome to Westies R Us! Westies are filled with fun, spunk, stubbornness and loyalty which we call “Westitude”. They are the perfect dog for infants, children, families, seniors and other pets.

They have two beautiful layers of hair and not fur which means they have no dander and are hypoallergenic. And if you brush them they don’t shed. We have several pages filled with pictures videos and information.

 When you get your furry friend from Westies R Us you become a part of our Westie family. We provide the highest level of support and care to our Westies and their two-legged companions. Motivated by a passion for the West Highland White Terrier breed (westies) and a deep understanding of westie  care, we continue to serve a growing client base and expand our service offerings to meet their needs. If you are interested in adding a Westie to your family you will find all the necessary details on the next page: PRICING, BENEFITS AND PROCEDURES.