Hello and welcome to Westies R Us! Westies are filled with fun, spunk, stubbornness and loyalty which we call “Westitude”. They are the perfect dog for infants, children, families, seniors and other pets.

They have two beautiful layers of hair and not fur which means they have no dander and are hypoallergenic. And if you brush them they don’t shed. We have several pages filled with pictures videos and information. 

At Westies R Us we do things differently. ALL of our litters are born inside our home. More precisely the puppies are born in our bedroom in a whelping chamber.  We are there to help the moms and newborn pups if necessary. In the first hours of their life the puppies are held and loved by Nannette and I. So the puppies are used to the human touch and kisses. Needless to say our puppies are human friendly, and spoiled from the get-go. 

Another thing that is different at Westies R Us breeders is in how we treat our adult breeding dogs. 

Almost all dog breeders confine the breeding dogs to crates or very small fenced areas apart from all of the other adult dogs meant to breed. I know this because I have seen several breeding kennels and the conditions in which the adult breeding dogs live.

At Westies R Us we raise the breeding dogs in the environment in which they were created to thrive… A PACK. All of our breeding adults roam free in our very large fenced backyard. Theyre all born free and stay free to develop their own habits and personalities. 

If you are interested in adding a Westie to your family you will find all the necessary details on the next page: PRICING, BENEFITS AND PROCEDURES. Just touch the 3 horizontal bars surrounded by a square at the top left of this page