Gaston is the backbone of our breeding operation. Once we decided to add a new young stud for our females, we knew we didn't just want a male Westie, we wanted a super stud with an excellent pedigree and hopefully championship genetics. And on top of that list was Gaston and he looked the part too... Strong chest, broad shoulders, straight back and short snout just right for that perfect facial cut and mane. Gaston is just the perfect stud with a loving and gentle temperament. We get many calls looking for puppies he has sired, and asking for Gaston serve as a stud to an outside litter. But we prefer to keep Gaston’s genetics “in house” available only for our dams. Gaston is quite a specimen. Needless to say we  wanted Gaston not just to make beautiful puppies, but to make sure there were no genetic defects or Westie puppies with skin problems. He has been genetically tested and I don’t believe there is a better stud anywhere better than our Gaston

King Fergus made a page in "The Dogist" an internationally known book and blog. Click The Dogist link above to see his page.