Lady is one of our smartest females. She also has a lush body of the most beautiful hair. It’s wavy, thick and has a wonderful double coat. This lovely hair has been passed to all of her offspring since Gastōn, our stud, has the best dual level coat I’ve seen on any Westie. 

Lady still acts as a puppy in so many ways. She never fails to jump as high as she can when we give her attention (which is frequently). And I don’t mean just her front paws jumping. She gets so excited that all four legs are at least a foot off the ground. She’s so excited about seeing us.

She minds all of our house rules for dogs, but underneath there’s a dog who is happiest playing with the other dogs. And let me tell you lady is fast! She can jet around the house happily going under and over different things and in a blur. She’s such a pleasure to have in the house because she works so hard to make you happy. Then she looks at you like “aren’t you proud that I’m Superdog?”